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Here at Tenggol coral beach resort, we believe in helping you get the most out of the great selection of Dive Sites we have for Certificated Divers. Some of the diving can be a challenge depending on your experience and certification level. Tenggol Special Dives is here to advance your skills and help you dive in comfort with confidence!

Scuba Refresher Dive

Its recommended that if you haven’t been diving for 6 months or longer, you may want to take a refresher dive first to make sure you can remember everything and relax on your dives.

Wreck – PADI Adventure Dive

You could take the full PADI Wreck specialty or you can take the Wreck – PADI Adventure Dive when you sign up for your PADI Advanced Open Water Course.

Night – PADI Adventure Dive

Learn all about night diving and experience the reef after dark when the aquatic life changes shift and the nocturnal animals come out to play. Like all PADI Adventure Dive, this credits to BOTH the PADI Advanced Open Water Certification and the PADI Night Diver Certification.

Peak Performance Buoyancy – PADI Adventure Dive

Buoyancy control is one of the most important skills a diver can master and one of the hardest at times to get control over. Spend some time with one of our PADI Instructors and let us show you the techniques required to Master your control in the water. You can spend 1 dive with the PPB Adventure to get the first set of tips towards a new level of control or you can make 2 dives and complete the full PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course and become a Master of buoyancy control in just 1 day with the right training and practice.

Tenggol Coral Beach Resort & Our Activities

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