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Tenggol Island is a colorful and vibrant, a perfect escape to the beautiful, tropical and natural side of Malaysia. Our Snorkeling Tenggol packages allow you to get out on a boat and observe this mostly uninhabited and the surrounding underwater reefs and sea life. Tenggol is an ideal location for snorkeling as it has a vast amount of shallow fringing coral reefs with calm water where fish thrive.

Why Go Snorkeling Tenggol?

Our Snorkeling locations vary daily between multiple coral reefs and islands. From our very own house reef to the surrounding bays of Tenggol you will discover and enjoy the best locations based on the weather and conditions.

No matter where you snorkel on Tenggol you find that the corals, privacy, and the clearest water conditions to enjoy the Tenggol Sea Life, are everywhere! Tenggol is part of a larger Marine park so the life and reef here thrive. 

Tenggol Snorkel Packages

When you Snorkel with Tenggol Coral Beach Resort our Snorkel Packages include Accommodation, full board meals, Boat transfer, your Scheduled Snorkel Trips, and Unlimited House Reef Snorkeling. We invite you to bring along your own Mask and Snorkel if you Have them. 

* Additional Dives and/or Nights on the island May Be added to these packages however its best to notify us if you require extra dives or nights so we can organise and accommodate you. Extra nights are subject to availability.

Tenggol Snorkel Sites

We have snorkel sites for every ability level here in Tenggol. The house and ‘Turtle Point’ are perfectly protected to make for nice calm clear water snorkeling. You can see all kinds of tropical fish here like Angelfish, Damsels, Wrasse, Butterflyfish. You may also encounter a baby reef shark or baby turtle around here.

Tenggol Marine Park

Pulau Tenggol is part of a Marine Park group, This means its coral and wildlife are protectedWe actively support its policies to help keep Tenggols corals in beautiful condition. Around Pulau Tenggol you will find that we do not allow boats to anchor over the corals, we discourage fishing and do not allow novice snorkelers on the reef wearing fins.

Tenggol Sea Life

All around Tenggol island you can find the False Clown Fish, AKA “Nemo”. They are lots of Anemones where the clownfish live inside for protection. Pulau Tenggol is Protected so the fish life here blooms. Whilst snorkeling Tenggol you can find so many fish species it will be hard to name them all. 

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