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If you want to learn to dive, why take your PADI scuba diver license in Tenggol Coral Beach Resort, Malaysia’s lost divers paradise? We have PADI Dive Courses for Beginners as well as Next level Scuba Diving Courses for advanced divers. We have to Learn to Dive Packages which include your scuba training lessons, equipment with beachside accommodation and food.

Why Learn To Dive In Tenggol Malaysia

Tenggol Island is a divers haven and paradise to experience. Left untouched for many years and almost lost to all but the diverse community, its national park coral reefs are thriving with aquatic life to see and the water clarity is mostly crystal clear. 

Scuba is a perfectly safe activity, sure, going underwater may have inherent dangers but with correct training, expert guidance you don’t need to be worried. In the extremely unlikely event, we had any issues our PADI Instructors are fully trained Rescue divers, experienced in dealing with emergencies and all carry an up to date Emergency Responder First Aid and Oxygen use certificate.

**If you are above 45 years old, or with sickness, you would require to present us with your doctor’s letter noting that you are fit to proceed with the PADI scuba diving course. (Failed to do so, we will not proceed with the PADI course, as your safety is our first priority concern.)

Diving For Beginners

You can get your first PADI divers license in 4 days 3 nights at our resort, with the PADI Open water Diver Course.

Next Level Dive Courses

Over 3 days and 2 nights you can improve your diver skills and knowledge and experience something new scuba diving Malaysia.

PADI Specialty Courses

Check Out our selection of PADI Specialty Courses. Go Deeper, Check Out Wreck Diving, Learn to Night Dive With Confidence.

Scuba Diving Interships

Check out our Scuba Diving Internships and come and live on Tenggol Island whilst your train to become 1 of the top elite professional PADI Dive.

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