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“Join Tenggol Coral Beach Resort and let us show you the vast range of dive sites around Tenggol Island in style! They range from shallow calm protected reef dives to strong drift or deep reefs, we even have wreck diving. There is always dive suitable and available for everyone here.”

Tenggol Dive Sites

Lets take a look at diving in Tenggol from the beginning! The five closest dive sites to where Tenggol Coral Beach Resort is located are a large house reef and two shipwreck dives and the western tip of the island which are less than 5mins boad ride away.

Come and Explore We 25 Tenggol Dive Sites!

Tenggol North Western Dive Site

Tenggol South Western Dive Site

Turtle Point House Reef Experience Level : Easy Depth: 5m to 19m Avg Visibility : 10-15m

Experience Level : Easy Depth: 5m to 19m Avg Visibility : 10-15m

We usually dive turtle house reef as our welcome to Tenggol dive and also for our night dives. The conditions here within the bay are usually always clam and clear and the dive is nice and relaxing. It is also perfect for the in experienced or to use for training dives. Turtle point has a good range of sea life from small nuidbranch and shrimp to Morays, Sting Ray, Angle fish, Cornet fish and some turtles.

Fisherman Wreck

Experience Level : Easy – Intermediate Depth: 14m to 20m Avg Visibility : 10-15m

We refer to the Fisherman wreck site as our house wreck dive site, as it lays just 3mins from the front of Tenggol Coral Beach Resort. The wreck is a fishing boat that sank in an upright position and is approx 20m long. This is a perfect wreck dive for those divers who have never being diving on a wreck before. It is possible that an Open water diver can dive this wreck and stay within the 18m max depth although the best way for them to dive it would be as an advanced diver or by taking the PADI Deep adventure dive so you can reach the maximum depth safely. You may also use this wreck to learn about wreck diving techniques in the PADI advanced open water course or wreck diver adventure dive. Upon occasion, we sometimes begin our night dives with a swim around the fisherman wreck which by night it busy with life such as long arm boxer shrimp and puffer fish. A baby leopard shark if often seen near here during night dives also.

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