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Trip-Advisor-Award-Tenggol-Coral-BeachTenggol Coral Beach Resort is the first and only PADI 5 Star Dive Resort on Tenggol island, Malaysia. We are committed to maintain the highest quality of standards in service expected with an exclusive scuba diving resort.

This commitment is reflected in our Certificate of Excellence Award from Trip Advisor for 2015 and we strive to continue this achievement as we go forward into 2016. We look forward to meeting and diving with you.

Welcome To Tenggol Island

Tenggol Coral Beach Resort is an exclusive gettaway location for scuba diving and snorkeling based on Tenggol island. Our customer service is our top priority and we always do our very best to accommodate your needs and service whilst on resort. Our team are very proud of taking care of our customers which reflects in our resort reviews and trip advisor feedback alike, for which we hold yearly certificates of excellence.  Its located in a Malaysian national marine park and our resort extends the harmony of the island to our visitors through of beach front chalets, hillside view apartments, our restaurant and PADI dive center.

Tenggol Sky View
Turtle Point - Tenggol Dive Sites
Tenggol Coral Beach
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Paula Tenggol Island – Malaysia

Tenggol Island shares its name from “Tenggak” which in local Bahasa Malay means to Perch. The island from afar looks like a person perching, and so its name was found.  It is actually pronounced ‘Tenggol’  in Terengganu’s local dialect.  Tenggol island is located on the East coast of Malaysia just 45mins from the coastal jetty of Dungan. For many years this desert island has stayed off the maps and tourist trails, not even mentioned in the lonely Planet guide. Apart from the local fishermen who would take shelter on Tenggol during storms, the island was mostly left alone to nature and remained a secret even to the people of Malaysia.

Tenggol is a small island and now a protected marine park, approx only 3km long and only 2km at its widest part. It is mostly wild untouched Jungle with a few pristine white sandy beaches. On the west beach, the largest on the island, Tenggol Coral Beach Resort has built a resort beautifully blended within the natural surroundings of the island. On island, it’s hard to imagine your only 45mins from the mainland as you glace out across of the blue clear blue waters lapping the soft sandy beach or look up and around at the surrounding  800ft rocky hills with enormous towering jungle trees that must be ancient. Tenggol in these moments, feels like a lost world.

Sitting In The Tenggol Bay

Inside Tenggol Bay you can walk the length of the beach and explore a stunning coral reef less than 2min swim from the beach front chalets of Tenggol Coral Beach Resort. For the more adventurous, perhaps one of the loca staff may lead you a short distance up the northern hills to a sunset point. The view of the open ocean reflecting the panoramic horizon of the sunset is one of the most stunning views amongst many around Tenggol. However, this area of the island is not your typical tourist spot and requires an adventure through the jungle where there is no path as such or nice picnic area when you arrive. It can be a challenging walk and is taken entirely at your own risk. That said,  anyone lucky and privileged enough to be experience it will forever remember the memory.

Tenggol has many more views and stunning scenery to experience as you go diving or go snorkelling  around the island, you will see Tenggol in all its amazement. Its sheer rock faces and lush greenery tapering down in the deep clear blue. The beauty extends even deeper, literally, as you scuba dive Tenggol you will discover its underwater scenery is just as impressive and dramatic as above water.

The underwater topography of Tenggol is complex, this makes for some very interesting dive sites but also some very interesting water currents at certain times. There is scuba diving for any level here although at some dive sites you can expect some exciting drift dives and for advanced open water divers of higher, you’ll discover that the reefs just go down and down and corals and aquatic plant life surrounded by sea life, large and small, go all the way from 3m down and beyond 30m!

Tenggol Island Life

When you’re not scuba diving or snorkeling on Tenggol, you will find it has a very tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. If you like wild life or photography you could spend hours around the resort observing the Tenggol Island Wild Life. Each day we see Monkeys, Monitor lizards, Praying Mantas, Squirrels, Crabs and sometimes if you have a good eye for seeing things you can spot snakes or giant fruit bats high up in the trees above. This is just on land, imagine what variety of Sea Life Tenggol is hiding around its rock outcrops and fringing reef areas.

Live, Love, Explore, Dive Tenggol Island Malaysia